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Soul Bloom Productions helps make you your own nonprofit.

Under the umbrella of our nonprofit, with our fiscal sponsorship, you can receive tax-deductible donations and grants. For just $150 you can get started as your own nonprofit. We make it easy and inexpensive for you, because it is our mission to support charitable causes in your community.

Fiscal Sponsorship

How this works for you
Your nonprofit operates under our tax exempt status.


Get Excited! Have Fun!
Challenge your friends; Compete with your rivals!


Start your NonProfit, Apply today
We run the nonprofit; You focus on your charitable works

Operation Sunrise

How will your donation help? Operation Sunrise works to raise awareness and funds that will help Veterans facilitate Reunions for their Company/Battery sized units. This effort will be...
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Featured Blooms

Your donations to our Blooms will feed Your Soul. To give is to receive.

Inhumane (Film)

“Inhumane” is a revenge, horror, and female empowerment movie written by former Kansas City St...
Raised $130.00 / $50,000.00

United Recovery

United Recovery is a foundation focused on helping people in recovery from drug addiction to work ...
Raised $0.00 / $9,000.00

The Music of Ben Mye...

I am a singer-songwriter from Kansas and have released my 11th album, titled “Portrait”. My so...
Raised $500.00 / $2,800.00

About Us

Who We Are?

Here at Soul Bloom Productions, we believe that good people, who have good deeds to share with others, deserve to be well funded. Fundraising is always challenging, yet we all know that the possibility of a tax deduction prompts greater giving by donors. Trust that there are donors who believe in you, and in your message!

Our Mission

Soul Bloom Productions is a nonprofit that partners with individuals and organizations as a “fiscal sponsor,” to assist you in funding your Inspiring, Empowering, Educational, and Charitable projects.

Joan Jerkovich

CEO & Founder of Soul Bloom Productions
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Why Choose us

  • We start your nonprofit for $150

    We run the nonprofit, leaving you time to run your project or charity.

  • We let you operate under our NonProfit

    We take care of the nonprofit legal paperwork for you.

  • We manage the legal IRS paperwork

    Partnering with us allows you to raise funds through popular crowdfunding sites.

  • We have the Board and Bylaws as required by the IRS

    You retain all rights, title, and interest in your project.

  • We give you an inexpensive, easy, quick way to start your NonProfit

    You retain exclusive control over your project.

  • Read more about “Fiscal Sponsorship”

Become A Bloom

Start Your NonProfit for $150

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